Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is the classic massage and tends to be the one that most people are familiar with. This massage is designed to help calm nerves, detoxify the body, and give an overall calming affect to your nervous system. Here at Thai Banyan Massage Honolulu, we like to think of this massage as one of our staple services. If your someone who has never had a massage at a Hawaii Spa before, then this may be just what your looking for.

Swedish Massage Honolulu

For people who tend to suffer from a busy life, high stress, and achy muscles, this will bring you  a tremendous amount of peace and well being. Your massage session will begin with soft soothing Effleurage (light calming touch), and go into a deeper rhythm as your body and muscles begin to warm to the touch of your therapist.  From there you will be massaged from head to toe allowing your body to calm, relax, and unwind.