Thai Banyan Spa Packages


Traditional Thai Massage
Herbal Heat Compress
Foot Reflexology

2 Hours $175


Deep Tissue Massage
Hot Stone Treatment
Herbal Heat Compress

2 Hours $160


Swedish Massage
Mini Facial Treatment
Hand & Foot Treatment

2 Hours $150

Hawaiian Islander

Lomi Lomi Massage
Revitalizing Body Scrub
Foot Treatment

2 Hours $150

Thai Banyan Massage Services

Thai Massage- Thai Banyan Massage & Spa


Thai Banyan’s signature service offers both Northern and Southern traditional Thai Massage. The session utilizes stretching, flexing and compression techniques. Northern Thai Massage includes stretching with a slow and relaxing rhythm and Southern Thai Massage includes firm acupressure and vigorous energy line work. 

$65.00/60 Min. • $95.00/90 Min.

Thai Banyan Combination Massage- Honolulu Massage & Spa


The combination massage can be any variation of two massage style. Our most popular combination massage is Thai/Swedish.
$65.00/60 Min. • $95.00/90 Min.

Couples Massage- Thai Banyan Massage & Spa


Thai Banyan’s Couples Massage can be enjoyed by a couple, friends or family members. Two people share the Thai Banyan massage experience while occupying the same room. Talk, laugh, sleep or just relax with one another while enjoying the Hot Stone, Herbal Compress or Stretching Massage.
$130.00/60 Min. • $190.00/90 Min.

Swedish Massage- Thai Banyan Massage & Spa

Swedish Massage

Thai Banyan offers the popular Swedish Massage which is designed to help calm nerves, detoxify the body and give an overall calming effect to your nervous system. This massage is perfect for people who suffer from high stress and aching muscles.

$65.00/60 Min. • $95.00/90 Min.

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage- Thai Banyan Massage & Spa

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

Thai Banyan’s Deep Tissue/Sports Massage involves stretching and deep tissue work targeting problem areas. This massage offers relief from muscle and joint pain and upper/lower back tightness. The massage begins with a soothing heat compress to warm up the muscles and then the Therapist will assess the problem areas before beginning the massage session.

$65.00/60 Min. • $95.00/90 Min.

Thai Herbal Massage- Thai Banyan Massage & Spa

Thai Herbal Massage

This incredibly aromatic massage is a deep-heat medicinal muscle treatment that involves Thai Medicine balls. These medical wonders are packed with medicinal herbs for treatment for aches, pains, muscle soreness and other physical ailments. All without the use of any chemicals with 100% Natural Thai Herbal extract. With Thai massage stretching and the steamed herbal compresses applied directly to the body, this helps to eliminate sore and over-worked muscles and relax your entire being.

$65.00/60 Min. • $95.00/90 Min.

Foot Reflexology Massage- Thai Banyan Massage & Spa

Foot Reflexology Massage

This relaxing technique focuses on the feet, hands and head. Also called “zone Therapy”, it is believed that our body has an energy channel that runs from the foot up to the head and encompassing 12 vital organs. The therapist applies pressure to the pressure point areas, unblocking the channels and restoring health and proper function to the organs.

$65.00/60 Min. • $95.00/90 Min.

Hot Stone Massage- Thai Banyan Massage & Spa

Hot Stone Massage

Relax and unwind with a Hot Stone Massage. The Thai Banyan Massage Therapist uses a combination of hot stones and body work which allows the heat to penetrate and heal your tired and knotted muscles. This massage is perfect for athletes or for those that want a more unique, untraditional massage.

$65.00/60 Min. • $95.00/90 Min.

Thai Banyan Body Scrub

Body Scrub

Thai Banyan body scrubs use only the purest dead sea salts or sugar scrubs. Enjoy this treat and say goodbye to the dead ad unwanted skin and hello to more vibrant youthful skin.

$65.00/60 Min. • $95.00/90 Min.

European Facial Treatment- Thai Banyan Massage & Spa

Organic Facial Treatment

Thai Banyan’s Organic Facial Treatment is a truly pampering indulgence that refreshes your skin to bring back it’s youthful glow. The treatment offers exfoliating and removal of black heads while nourishing the skin with much needed nutrients.

$65.00/60 Min. • $95.00/90 Min.

Lomi Lomi Massage- Thai Banyan Massage & Spa

Lomi Lomi Massage

Hawaii’s Traditional Massage Therapy, Lomi Lomi Massage, was born here in the Hawaiian Islands and this sacred art form has been passed down from generation to generation. This full body massage incorporates a very rhythmic style similar to the ocean tide.

$65.00/60 Min. • $95.00/90 Min.

Shaitsu Massage- Thai Banyan Massage & Spa

Shiatsu Massage

This uniquely calming massage offers rhythmic slow pressure which increases your body’s response to detoxification. This Thai Banyan massage promotes relaxation and calmness which tends to put clients to sleep.

$65.00/60 Min. • $95.00/90 Min.