Why Your Health Matters - Heal Through Massage

Why Your Health Matters – Heal Through Massage

Heal Through Massage? There is never any question as to why your health matters, but did you know that you can heal through massage? Yes, massage happens to carry with it a lot of benefits that people rarely take into consideration when they are thinking about needing a bit of healing time in their lives. It’s not the thing we think about when we traditionally need healing in our lives. For most of us, we look to things such as Doctors, Medications, Chiropractors, and at extreme times…often even more destructive types of healing.

heal yourself through massage todayHave you ever thought about healing through massage? Really, thought about all the benefits you can gain from one single session working with a talented massage therapist? You should consider it when you are thinking about why your health matters because in a single session there can be many healing benefits. More often than not, and especially here at our spa, we provide you with a complete escape from your life. You’ll be welcomed with a friendly smile by one of our massage therapists, be provided a nice warm tea to allow your body beneficial healing herbs, and you’ll be surrounded by calm tranquil music that is designed to slow down your over reaching nerves from your days stresses.

During a massage session you begin to heal through massage as the touch of another is actually been proven to cause us to calm, relax, and feel as though we are being cared for. That is just the start of your benefits because the act of massage is designed, depending on if it’s Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, or even one of our Thai Massages. Each massage has it’s own unique design, but the end result is always the same as the focus is always healing through massage. The benefits range from relieving muscle tensions, detoxifying your body (by massaging the muscle tissue you actually force toxins out of the tissues), and calming the nerves.

Heal Through Massage With Touch

Yes, you can heal through massage with touch! When we are thinking about healing ourselves we have been taught that the simplest thing to do is to just take this pill, that pill, or wait…yup, the other pill, but is that really fixing anything? If our bodies are tired, sore, worn out from all the tasks we ask of them, doesn’t it make more sense to actually allow them to heal through ways that are not more damaging? We’d like to believe that taking medications only covers the symptoms and often times can cause our bodies to actually begin to hurt more. Have you ever taken a medication for your muscles only to think, “Wow, I feel great now!,” to later find out that you were not in fact feeling better once the medication wore off? When you heal through massage you can feel the massage healing you as the therapist is working on you and then…the results continue to make you feel better day in and day out long after the massage.